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Operation Christmas Child

Packing a Shoebox

Each November New Song transforms into a regional collection center for O.C.C. – Operation Christmas Child. Church members and community volunteers gather to send shoe boxes around the world.

For a $9 donation per box Samaritan’s Purse can send you a tracking notice telling you the country where your shoebox gifts will be delivered into the hands of children in need.  Go here to donate and Follow Your Box.

You can also fill a shoebox right from your smartphone! Download the OCC app here.

For any questions email

Drop Off & Volunteer Schedule

OCC Collection Schedule – November 2020

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat

Volunteer Sign Ups

Due to COVID19 we are keeping two different groups of volunteers (Drop off Location Process and Packing Party) separated for the duration of National Collection Week in an attempt to avoid cross contamination if someone were to get sick. If you are serving at the Drop off Location, you will not be packing shoeboxes this year and vice versa. Therefore, there are two different scheduling tools.
If you will be volunteering for the Packing Party, please use this link to sign up:
The roles for the packing party include Merchandise Preppers (for those who need to be able to sit), Shoebox Packers, and Cartoners. You can sign up for any of these jobs, and multiple shifts/days at a time.  Please note that some shifts are all day, and other shifts might be only one or two hours.  Shoebox packing is being done in one hour shifts.  If you want to pack for two hours, then you need to sign up for two shifts on a particular day.  Please pay attention to the date and time you are scheduling. If you want to delete your request, open up your Confirmation email and click on the “Edit My Sign Up” at the bottom (left) of the email. Please note that the packing party will be over when we run out of merchandise, so if you want to pack shoeboxes, you might want to schedule your time earlier in the week. On the first Monday, we will be setting up, and packing shoeboxes will begin Tuesday.  The last Monday has been designated as a cleanup day.
If you will be volunteering for the Drop off Location Process, please use this link to sign up:
While there are various roles at the Drop off Location Process, most are lumped into just one job category in order to make it easier to sign up.  Only 10 people will be serving per day as a Drop off Volunteer.  These are scheduled in two hour shifts, so if you want to be there all day, you need to schedule two shifts per day.  There are also two Food Server roles per day. They will be in charge of working in the kitchen, putting out snacks for the workers, and cleanup. Truck workers will be able to sign up for Sunday and the last Monday.

Watch the video below to learn what happens during the OCC collection week at New Song.

View the OCC countdown clock here.