An ever-increasing circle of love

Sermons on 1 Peter

Your Need For Fellowship – Part 2

Jack explains today that God is still working on saving our souls as we war against the schemes of Satan. Satan’s Schemes Oppose God’s Plans: Need for Fellowship. – Satan says: “You don’t need them.” Need for self-disclosure. – Satan says: “Stay hidden.” God’s agenda for our lives. – Satan says: “Pursue your own.”  

To whom have I been sent?

As we approach the end of the book of Luke it is not about the end of a story. It is what the end of the book teaches us about our ultimate end and how that end informs our life today. All four gospels end with Jesus sending us out. Jack challenged us with the question today, “To whom have I been sent?”…

Passionate Panoramic

Today Jack walks through the story of the road to Emmaus, drawing striking parallels to our own hopes today and how God chooses to do things well beyond our own expectations. Notable points: Jesus asked the men, “What things?” God never asks questions to get information. “They crucified Him, but we had hoped…” Jesus explained that the suffering is just as necessary…

Resting in the finished work of Christ

Today Jack finishes up Luke 23, talking about the role of Joseph of Arimathea. Then he draws on the passages of Psalm 22 and the book of 1 Peter, pointing us the Christ’s example through suffering. 1 Peter 2 – 21 For you have been called for this purpose, because Christ also suffered for you, leaving you an example, so that you would follow…