An ever-increasing circle of love

Sermons on Acts

God Became Man

Jack begins advent season by elevating our knowledge of God, the immeasurable God, who became Emmanuel, God with us. May God be glorified through my life as I know Him more. God didn’t come from anywhere. God is. As children of God getting to know our Father better we understand there is more to God than we realized. In this life we…

Getting Serious About Joy

We have so much to be grateful for! Jack encourages us to let our lights shine by connecting with how much we’ve been forgiven. We are compelled to joy by what God has done for us. Quotables: May the theme of our life be the redeeming love of Christ. Many of us don’t appreciate how far from God we were in sin…

Let’s Be “LDS” Christians

“LDS” Christians Love, Defend, and Spread the gospel. Today Jack continues his series from Philippians 1 regarding our progress in the faith. Notable quotes: We have an always salvation. We can have an always joy. Grace is opposed to earning. Grace is not opposed to effort. Questions to consider: Have I made progress from where I was last month? Does the way…

Satan’s Schemes Against the Kingdom of Heaven

Today Mike Spurlock helps us understand that while Jesus came to establish the Kingdom of Heaven, it is a threat to Satan’s plans. Satan uses deceit, identity crisis, and division as his schemes against the body of Christ. We defeat these schemes of Satan when we lay aside the old self and put on the new self.

Breaking Bread with Jesus

The men on the road to Emmaus experienced Jesus in some special ways, and Jack helps us see the power of experience in our relationship with Jesus, balanced by the word. Luke 24:28-35