An ever-increasing circle of love

Sermons on Psalms

Eternity: A Biblical Guide to Time Travel – Part 1: Time

Today Ashley takes us on an adventure from “before time” to the creation of time to Jesus, the Eternal One, entering human time. With a generous dose of SciFi terminology we understand better exactly what Jesus meant as He tried to explain eternity to people bound by human time. This sets up a baseline of…

God’s Truth Over Communism

Jack shares from his past has a young man enticed by communism in the 1970s and how this relates directly to today’s pressures. He asks us to take three actions: Rend. Tear, rip apart. Joel. Rend your hearts and not your garments. Oh God! It starts with our hearts. Revisit. What are my priorities? Two things last forever the word and souls.…

Living Given

Today Jack revisits Luke 20:19-26 to talk about how we are marked by God, and God deserves our all. Giving oneself to God is a point-in-time decision, but that decision requires regular reapplication and regular reinterpretation.

Unprecedented Times and The Rich Young Ruler

This is the audio recording of New Song’s remote service on March 22, 2020. The video recording was not serviceable. This week we recorded music, communion, and announcements as well. Ashley opens with a message regarding the “unprecedented times” that many are talking about right now. Jack continues the Luke series in chapter 18, talking about the little children coming to Jesus…