An ever-increasing circle of love

Sermons by Phil Gerth

The False Church

Today Phil walks through Jesus’ parable of the wheat and weeds, and how Satan plants weeks of falsehood in the church to weaken and disable God’s people. He gives us points on how to recognize these falsehoods in the church and how to guard our own hearts as the community of truth. Matthew 13:24-39 1 John 4:1-6

Lift Up Our Eyes

Today Jack challenges us from Numbers 13-14 and John 4 to “Lift Up Our Eyes” above the challenges to the opportunities God has given us. Praise God for how He is moving through ministries like the Blessing Box, Pull Through Prayer, Heartbeats, and more. Part of the vision that Jack (and the other elders) gave us is upgrading our building and facilities…

Levirate Marriage and the Sadducees

Today Phil Gerth explains that people give up on Christianity when the false gospel of the Sadducees and positive thinking fails them in the storms of life. The Pharisees added to the law (hypocrisy), while the Sadducees took away from it (compromise). We see this impact in the church today. God wants us to raise spiritual children to Him. Who can I mentor…