An ever-increasing circle of love

Sermons on Missions

Czech Republic Update and Mother’s Day

Today we got an update from Petr and Susanna (Spurlock) Vrublovi in the Czech Republic, and then Jack honored our mothers. Here are the links to support the ministry in Czech Republic. To sign up to pray for the Czech republic, go here: To financially support the M2M Project that Petr is working on, go here: To financially support Petr while he works…

To whom have I been sent?

As we approach the end of the book of Luke it is not about the end of a story. It is what the end of the book teaches us about our ultimate end and how that end informs our life today. All four gospels end with Jesus sending us out. Jack challenged us with the question today, “To whom have I been sent?”…

Jarek and Iwona Pietrzak of Way of Life Ministry in Poland

Today we had a special treat! Jarek and Iwona joined us from Poland for an update on their ministry. Praise God for people coming to Christ in Poland. There are many ways to support the ministry of Jarek and Iwona Pietrzak. You can learn more about their ministry, subscribe to their newsletter, and donate from their web site Way of Life Ministry.…

Faithwalkers 2019 – Creation to Christ

In this session recorded at Faithwalkers 2019 in Ridgecrest, North Carolina Ashley walks us through the BIG STORY of scripture with some interesting stops along the way. Find out about unique ways God has revealed Himself to all mankind and how that culminates in Christ. You can find the handout he referenced online here.