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Sermons on Time

Eternity: A Biblical Guide to Time Travel – Part 2: Persecution & Jerusalem

Today Ashley wraps up Luke 20 and ventures into Luke 21 where Jesus warns of coming persecution and the destruction of Jerusalem. He will answer these questions: Is Jesus talking to Jerusalem or the entire earth or both? What really happened to Jerusalem? Will believers be spared or not during judgment? Could this speak to…

Eternity: A Biblical Guide to Time Travel – Part 1: Time

Today Ashley takes us on an adventure from “before time” to the creation of time to Jesus, the Eternal One, entering human time. With a generous dose of SciFi terminology we understand better exactly what Jesus meant as He tried to explain eternity to people bound by human time. This sets up a baseline of…

Faithwalkers 2019 – Creation to Christ

In this session recorded at Faithwalkers 2019 in Ridgecrest, North Carolina Ashley walks us through the BIG STORY of scripture with some interesting stops along the way. Find out about unique ways God has revealed Himself to all mankind and how that culminates in Christ. You can find the handout he referenced online here.